Turret CNC-turning machines


T8 Hybrid – two production technologies in one machine

The muga-turn T8 Hybrid combines the advantages of turret and linear system in one machine concept. The turret has 12 tools, the main spindle has 11 kW. With the BMT-tool system it can be equipped with 12 inside, outside as well as powered tools. The sub spindle linear system is highly flexible and allows machining of the backside at one time. There are 26 tools available. With C- and Y-axis complex milling and drilling on extent is possible. With B-axis it is possible to position 12 powered tools in the angle of 360° for angular tapping and drilling in one run.


Technical Data

Number of NC-axis 9
Bar working diameter max. mm 65
Swing over bed mm Ø 300
Rapid traverse m/min 20
Main Spindle C-Axis
Spindle speed r.p.m. 3.000
Spindle motor kW 11
Spindle collect chuck ISO 185E
C-Axis 0,001°
Number of tools (Revolver) 12 Stations
Tool System BMT 55
Tools shank size mm 25x25
Tools shank (round) Ø 25
Powered tools 3,7 kW / 3000 r.p.m
Opposed spindle C-Axis
Spindle speed r.p.m. 4.000
Spindle motor kW 5,5
Spindle collect chuck 173E
Clamping size max. mm 42
C-Axis 0,001°
Spindle bore mm 32
Number of tools 26
Outside turning6 (16 x 16)
Inside turning4 (Ø20)
Powered tools6 (ER20)

B-Axis for powered tools 360°
Powered tools opposed spindle
Spindle speed r.p.m. 4.000
Spindle motor kW 1,5
Clamping size max. 13mm / ER20
Coolant system 215l
Required space
width x depth mm 4.000 x 1.950
height mm 1.970
Net weight kg 5.500




CNC Control Mitsubishi M700


  • Color TFT-display 10,4“
  • 230 KB program storage
  • RS232 interface
  • Ethernet interface
  • USB interface
  • Graphic simulations
  • Macros
  • Program cycles
  • CF card integrated in control panel
  • Smallest command increment 0,1 µ
  • Smallest interpolation increment 1nm
  • Rigid tapping
  • Program copy function
  • Intelligent hand wheel


Serial components

  • Rotary operation box
  • Parts catcher and parts conveyor
  • Chip conveyor extensible
  • Coolant system
  • Intelligent hand wheel
  • Clamping device
  • Barfeeder interface
  • C axis main spindle
  • Hydraulic clamping on main spindle
  • Y axis main and opposed spindle
  • Central lubrication
  • Working light
  • Signal lamp
  • Heat exchanger
  • Levelling bolts


  • BMT tool system
  • 3-jaws chucks
  • Tool sensor
  • Tool measurement
  • Barfeeder 1,2 m
  • CTS