Innovative turning and milling technology

The muga-turn CNC-turning machines are built with optimal chip transport. Thereby the NC-axes serve as a tool revolver. With up to 24 tools the complete machining of complex workpieces from bar up to a diameter of 42 mm (60 mm) is possible. The compact construction as well as the outstanding price-performance ratio is a main creteria of this new generaion of machines.


i series CNC-turning machines

i series
CNC-turning machines

The new generation of the i series comes in a new design as well as further developed technical features.

Turret CNC-turning machines

CNC-turning machines

With the T6 and T8 series it is possible to process small size up to big batches.

SL series CNC-turning machines

SL series
CNC-turning machines

The swiss type machines of the SL series are designed for turning lengths up to 250mm.

CNC turn-mill machines

CNC turn-mill machines

muga turn-mill machines combine turning and milling for fast and high precision manufacturing.