müga TWIN

A 5 axis machining centre (muga-centre RMV-series) was automated with the New muga TWIN pallet system. A good investment to provide repetition production. The RMV 250RT and RMV 160RT are well equipped with a high technical specification. To increase the production throughput of these versatile machines, Muga engineers developed a twin pallet system with robot. The system is placed at the side of the machine to enable full accessibility to the working area. Two pallets (600 x 400) are loaded and unloaded by the 6 axis robot.

With the muga TWIN, the muga-centre has comprehensive capability for individual, and small families of components, and the flexibility to handle both alternately. Unmanned production is a key element of this installation. The muga-centre impresses with its extensive application potential.

>> Technical data: RMV250RT | RMV160RT