Exeptionally favourable cost-performance ratios

The vertical machining centres are highly reliable, compactly constructed and offer maximum productivity. muga also provides extensive support to customers such as training as well as servicing and we can supply replacement parts. Furthermore, muga offers customised solutions for automatic workpiece loading machines.


Compact Vertical machining centres

Compact Vertical
machining centres

The machines of the R and A series are compactly constructed and are well equipped.

Vertical swing table machining centres

Vertical swing table
machining centres

Equipped with a swing table, the loading and unloading time of components is completely done during machining time.

Vertical 5 axis machining centres

Vertical 5 axis
machining centres

Machining from 5 sides in only one clamping is the main feature of the RMV and AX5 machines.

Big vertical machining centres

Big vertical
machining centres

The vertical machining centres of the V series are designed to work on big workpieces.

Horizontal machining centres

machining centres

This compact horizontal machining centre is made for high dynamic multilateral machining of smaller workpieces.