The business sector for work piece-application techniques offers all services covering cubic shaped work pieces which have been fabricated on horizontal or vertical machining centers.

We design, construct, and deliver mechanical and hydraulic single and multiple clamping devices. We also have a particularly extensive range of experience in the area of flexible clamping design available within our company. When designing the layout, we take particular care over the tooling situation with respect to ease of accessibility and the use of the shortest possible tools.

We strive for a close collaboration with our customers. This is done, amongst other things, by providing a tender as quickly as possible which is accompanied by clear 3-dimensional drawing schematics of the proposal, a schedule with milestones, as well as a start-up discussion with a binding protocol after signing contract.

Our satisfied customers include well-known companies such as: Audi, Bosch, Continental-Teves, Chiron, DMG, GHH-Rand, Heller, Mapal, Porsche, amongst others.